More than 4,000 people joined a discussion on Clubhouse Sunday February 21, to hear how journalists, politicians, law enforcement representatives, and community organizers plan to continue the momentum behind Asian solidarity and to help prevent future racist attacks. (This report was written originally after the event.)

Led by actors and producers Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu, journalist Lisa Ling, and NextShark founder Benny Luo, the three-and-a-half hour online rally was a follow-up to a February 6 Clubhouse room that also drew thousands of people but this week’s struck a markedly different tone.

At the time, media coverage of the…

More than 3,000 people gathered on the Clubhouse app for four hours Saturday Feb. 6, to listen to Asian American leaders discuss ways to stop acts of violence and discrimination against the community. The event kicked off national media awareness. I wrote this after the online rally ended, but waited to publish because the rules around journalists reporting on Clubhouses are murky and I wanted to make sure everyone I wrote about was aware I was doing it.

Journalist Lisa Ling, Hollywood heavyweights Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu, and Asian American news outlet NextShark founder Benny Luo hosted the…

Elon Musk on Clubhouse early Monday morning spoke on a variety of topics, including self-driving technology.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke Clubhouse Monday morning by appearing on the GOOD TIME show with Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy.

This post is specifically about his comments related to Tesla and self-driving. He didn’t reveal too much new about Tesla. Here’s the main post with everything else he talked about.

Tesla stock price as of Feb. 1, 2021 4 am ET. (Hope King/Google)

Sriram Krishnan — We have a Tesla Model S outside. Where do you see the future of Tesla, especially all things technology, battery, and self-driving?

  • “The goal with Tesla has been to accelerate…

Loose transcript of their conversation on Clubhouse early Monday morning.

Four-time CEO Elon Musk pulled Vlad Tenev, Robinhood CEO, into a 5,000-person Clubhouse room (not counting the other overflow rooms) with him early Monday morning, New York time. In the hour prior, the hosts of GOOD TIME failed to ask Musk about the story of the week — GameStop. Musk himself brought it up when asked by Sriram Krishnan for final thoughts.

Musk talked about Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy as Krishnan got Tenev to jump in on the app. And when he did, Musk took over as the interviwer. I…

Huffman was on Clubhouse Thursday night and I took notes on what he said.

During a special episode of the nightly GOOD TIME show on Clubhouse, Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy on Thursday interviewed Reddit CEO Steve Huffman. The room grew to over 3,000 over the hour.

Below are what I found most compelling from Huffman’s very thoughtful responses and observations of the GameStop / wallstreetbets phenomenon. (Notes go from general to more detailed as I switched from typing on my phone to computer.)

Screenshot of a Clubhouse room
Screenshot of a Clubhouse room
Hosts of the nightly GOOD TIME Clubhouse room. (Hope King/Thursday Jan. 28, 2021 around 9:30 pm ET.)
  • “Even by Reddit standards it’s been an interesting one.”
  • wsb is one of his favorite communities…

“I feel the need…”

Responding almost immediately to a job post on LinkedIn may be one of the best ways to ensure a response from employers.

“When an individual applies to a job within 10 minutes of it being posted on [LinkedIn], it increases their chances of hearing back 4x,” Lakshman Somasundaram, LinkedIn senior product manager, told Hope King, founder and publisher of unemployed together.

Somasundaram is part of a team that has been working on new tools to help people find jobs more easily and quickly on LinkedIn in the wake of the pandemic.

Job posting notifications, an…

The project, which posts some responses on Instagram, intends to shift the burden of explaining racism away from Black people

Photo illustration; Sources: Kittiphan Teerawattanakul/EyeEm/Tim Robberts/Getty Images

The only thing that kept Jodi-Ann Burey sane this summer was binge-watching Hoarders. Within three weeks she was done with all 10 seasons.

The show helped her escape from the “visceral sadness” she was feeling as a Black woman in 2020. For Burey, this year has been draped in trauma — from the string of police brutality incidents, to the everyday acts of racism that showed up in her own life.

The day before Christian Cooper’s video of a white woman calling the police on him in New York’s Central Park went viral, a white man at a Walgreens in…

Customization and control are key as smartphone sales continue to decline

Images: Apple

If the past few years of iPhone software have been about expanding features and apps, this year seems to be about reining in and corralling the glut.

Unlike the ambitious overhaul of iOS 11, stability-focused iOS 12, or better forgotten iOS 13, Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 promises to deliver a strong package of changes focused on user control and deeper levels of customization. More control and customization through software is crucial as Apple tries to do two things: drive new growth and pep up its products in between iPhone design cycles and amid flagging hardware sales overall.

The new iPhone…

Think about your favorite person to drive with, or your least favorite person.

Left turn anyone? (Credit: Hope King/Cheddar)

(originally published on Cheddar January 24, 2020:

Think about your favorite person to drive with, or your least favorite person. Now think about sitting in the back of a car that can drive itself but like them — a software setting in an autonomous vehicle to drive a certain way.

What I’m describing is within the realm of possibility considering my recent ride in a Yandex self-driving car.

Yandex ($YNDX), considered the “Google of Russia,” sent two of their self-driving cars to Las Vegas for CES again this year.

My ride in early January wasn’t my first in a…

There is The Fifth Element - and then there is 2019.

A new kind of airport, for low-altitude VTOLs. One of the many new designs revealed June 11, 2019.

Uber doesn’t have great luck when it comes to timing.

The company waited 10 years to go public, and its IPO in May landed at the end of a volatile week of trading. On the same day, the U.S. raised more tariffs on Chinese goods.

During its Elevate conference this week, Uber sought to sell its vision for aerial logistics. The two-day event started a day after a helicopter crashed into a high-rise in Manhattan, four days after CEO Dara Khosrowshahi internally announced his COO and CMO resigned, a…

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Journalist covering jobs, labor, business, tech, culture, and racial equity. Former reporter at CNN and anchor at Cheddar.

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